Colorado Capital - Denver
Largest City - Denver
Population - 5,029,196 Ranked - 22nd in the U.S.

Colorado Ceiling Tiles in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Fort Collins

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Wide range of ceiling tiles for commercial and residential interiors delivered in #trajce. Our ceiling tiles can be found in new construction and remodeling of hotels, restaurants, offices, retail stores, fitness centers and private residences. Samples available upon request.
Standard ceiling tiles in #trajce
Standard Ceiling Tiles
Polystyrene ceiling tiles in #trajce
Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles
Wavy ceiling Tiles in #trajce
Wavy Ceiling Tiles
Standard Ceiling Tile offers cost effective, longer lasting solutions for all types of ceilings. Class A fire rated, Stain Resistant, Thermo Efficient. Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles - number 1 source for residential ceiling design and remodeling. Easy to cut, easy to install, easy to paint. Made with a Fire-rated Class "A" polystyrene, the tiles are available in 3 designs and accommodate typical 15/16" wide suspension grid systems. 
Mirror ceiling tiles in #trajce
Mirror Ceiling Tiles
Luminous ceiling tiles in #trajce
Luminous Ceiling Tiles
Stretch ceilings in #trajce
Stretch Ceilings
2' X 2' Mirror Ceiling Tiles, optionally available in other tinted colors. Easy to cut, easy to install. Made in Austria. The benefits of using Luminous Ceiling Tiles are: they are thermally effective, lightweight, washable, 100% recyclable and mildew resistant. Stretch Ceilings offer luxorious ceiling solutions for commercial and residential interiors. Available in over 120 colors.
Wavy Ceiling Panels in #trajce
Wavy Ceiling Panels
Light Boxes in #trajce
Light Boxes
Light Panels in #trajce
Light Panels
Our Wavy Ceiling Panels line of products are multi-dimensional tiles and membranes that are lightweight, afford easy accessibility and display unique dimension to the ceiling surface. Light Boxes are the latest trend in interior architecture. They offer light weight luminous lighting systems that can be created virtually in any size and lit with fluorescent or LED lights.  Modular light panels are an ideal solution for commercial interiors. These panels you often see in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and shopping malls.
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